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Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Why there are not darker blue colour bars in the Forel-Ule scale?

    The scale for which the clearest, blue, ocean water can be determined/compared is Forel-Ule=1, so there is no need for a darker blue scale (<1). The apparent colour, as seen through the human eye can be influenced by a darkish sky and therefor water looks more or darker blue.

  2. When using the app, what can I do if the sun reflects on the screen and I do not see the colour scale properly?

    Look for a place where you can put the smartphone in the shade. Put your body between phone screen and the sun to avoid direct sunlight.

  3. What can I do if I do not know what colour bar to choose because they are too similar?

    Still, make a choice. The reading will be within 1 scale number and therefor still be relevant.

  4. What is productivity? Production? Primary production?

    The rate at which energy is stored by photosynthetic or chemosynthetic action of producer organisms, in the formation of organic substances (like plankton and can also be used as food).
    Productivity is the organic matter that it is produced in a time, that is the rate of increase of plankton.

  5. When using the app, how do I switch off auto-rotate?

    Go to Applications from your home screen. Select Settings. Select Accessibility. Here you can see an option for Auto-rotate screen. Tick the checkbox to enable it, or remove the tick if you want to disable this feature.

  6. How can I see the photos that I have taken in my device?

    If you download the “File Manager” app from the app store in your device, you can access to the photos and the metadata in the .Citclops folder.

  7. Can I use the app in a regatta or in another country?

    Yes, but please check that if you go to Settings --> Date and time you have disabled the Automatic time zone and Use network-provided time zone. If you have them enabled, when the device does not have Internet the time of the measures will be the default.