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14 November 2014


Citclops App data now visible on website

Overview_app_observations // overview_app_observations.png (364 K)Observations taken when using the Citclops App are now (almost) directly visible on Citclops website. After submission there is only a slight delay due to import and quality control actions on the server. After this the images and the FU value are visible on the map, positioned on the location of observation. Please check the Citclops homepage for the latest status of data collected.

Citclops at Ocean Optics Conference 2014

From 25 -31 October 2014 scientists from all over the world got together in Portland, Maine, to discuss recent findings in the broad field of ocean optics.

ocean optics 2014 Portland // oceanoptics_portland.jpg (385 K)For the first time in the conference series, this year´s meeting incorporated a session on crowdsourcing and participatory science, chaired by Oliver Zielinski, our PI of project partner University Oldenburg. Samantha Lavender (Pixalytics Ltd) led the way by introducing different stages of public participation in research projects and progress in Secchi depth measurements via the Plymouth Secchi App. The plenary talk was followed by various Citclops presentations. These included incorporation of satellite- and citizen-borne water colour measurements at the project´s core site Ebro Delta, as well as the science behind water colour classification with the Citclops App. Also, technical developments to measure water transparency with the Kduino and fluorescence with a smart phone were presented. Last but not least, the new design of our plastic Forel Ule scale plus Secchi kit was demonstrated.

New video - Seas of colour - Ft. Marcel Wernand

Video Wernand // wernand_youtube.png (153 K)A new and very informative video from the Citclops consortium. What is the colour of the sea? You never think about it. Dr. Marcel Wernand, physical oceanographer at NIOZ, tells about his research.

Watch the video via our website or directly on YouTube


The sea kayak experience at Spiekeroog

Can we do Citclops measurements from kayaks?
Kayak spiekeroog equipment // citclops_kayak_tools.jpg (401 K)There are many water-sports activities that are conducted by communities which are interested in Citclops measurements. Some of these, such as sailing or fishing often come along with platforms from which Forel-Ule -, Secchi - and fluorescence measurement can be applied, such as larger boats or piers. But what about surfboards, canoes or kayaks, which are naturally a shakily issue and exposed to waves and water, so that most mobile phones are kept either safe on land or in waterproof covers?

Read the full article.

Marine Science with App at German Unification Day

On 2 –3 October more than half a million visitors celebrated the German Unification Day in Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany. In more than 100 tents around lake Maschsee, all federal states of Germany presented themselves, including research institutions.

Lower Saxony institute and Citclops project partner ICBM (Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg) introduced our project under the theme: "Citclops- Marine Science with App" to a broad audience. Amongst them: German Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony Gabriele Heinen-Kljajić.

We did not only demonstrate the project and App in our tent, but also included short training sessions at lake Maschsee.

Dr. Julia Busch demonstrates Citclops App for fluorescence measurements to the German Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (Photos: courtesy of Dr. Gabriele Heinen-Kljajić).

Hanover event - Dr Heinen Klajic // img_4622.jpg (472 K)   Hanover event - Dr Heinen Klajic 2 // img_4615.jpg (311 K)

MARduino: my buoy, our data and the sea

marduino logo // logo marduino 05.jpg (116 K)A project closely related to the Citclops activities. The MARduino project makes citizens aware about the importance of the preservation of seawater quality, teaching how to build low-cost oceanographic buoys that measure seawater transparency, based on Citclops results: this will help the researchers to understand and predict changes in seawater quality and marine life.

Upcoming events

4 December 2014 - Brussels: Citizens’ Observatories: Empowering European Society - Open Conference. We invite you to participate in the Open Conference “Citizens’ Observatories: Empowering European Society”. Citclops is one of the five Citizens’ Observatories projects that are organizing this event together with the European Commission. This event will look at the opportunities of citizen science and the citizens’ contribution to policy making. Participation is free but registration required. Further information can be obtained HERE.

Also check our website for special Citclops user targeted events!