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Citclops poster wins ASLO award

As is usual on several conferences, student presentations are honored after the conference. In this year during the Aquatic Science Meeting in Granada sponsored by Association for the Sciences of Limnology & Oceanography (ASLO) one student presentation award has been given to Anna Friedrichs, PhD - student of the Marine Sensor Systems group headed by Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski at the ICBM, University Oldenburg), for her poster titled “Measuring fluorescence by means of smart phones with the new Citclops-application“. The conference covers several aquatic topics starting with biological, chemical and physical on different time and spatial scales ending up at biogeochemical, optical, ecological and citizen science topics. Explaining her poster and answering upcoming questions, Anna Friedrichs presented the poster within the session “003 People Power: The role of Citizen Scientists in aquatic science - global opportunities and perspectives”. The underlying idea is to apply the smart phone as a measurement system for measuring fluorescence.

The poster shows the different development steps to transfer the principle of measuring fluorescence on to the smart phone. This generates a measurement system for measuring fluorescence within water samples by means of smart phones.
She is one of 38 award recipients as part of 361 evaluated student presentations. The award is given to the best 7 % of each individual category (both oral and poster presentations). The evaluation was based on the clarity/effectiveness of the presentation, quality of the experimental design, clarity of the conclusions, and its innovation/scientific insight.